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The next Foundations Class Series at MACF start Friday April 4th.

This class series is designed specifically for those who are new to CrossFit and want to get started. 

Space is limited. Reserve your spot now!




Wednesday, Jan 29, 2014 7:00 PM


reward just aheadThe New Year’s 2014 Whole Life Challenge is no exception! Therefore, in honor of all participating MACFers’ hard work, Mad About CrossFit wants to do just that, reward you!

First of all, we will be holding a post-WLC party to celebrate the completion of the challenge, giving us all the opportunity to hang out together in grown-up pants and have a good time! More details to come soon.

Also, at the culmination of this challenge, MACF will be handing out prizes to some of the top participants on the leaderboard.  For more information on how leaderboard rankings are determined, go to the ‘Support’ tab on the WLC website and type in ‘how are rankings determined’.

As always, there is a caveat. In order to receive a prize you must fulfill the following three conditions:

1)      Be a current MACF member

2)      Have completed both the intro and outro wod at MACF

3)      Participating in the challenge in the Advanced category. That means  you signed up to rid your diet of grains, starches, corn, soy, dairy, sugar/sweetener, soda, fruit juice, artificial ingredients, and alcohol for the entire 8 weeks!!!

On that note, I want everyone to understand that this challenge is not about where you end up on the leaderboard after eight weeks. Nor is it about who has the best weighted score (leaderboard, WOD, measurements) and wins a prize. That is purely the materialistic outlook of this challenge.

This challenge is about YOU and your dedication to your personal health and fitness. It is about the experience YOU have throughout these eight weeks. Challenging yourself every day to workout, stretch, eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water, reflect, and observe the physical, mental, and/or spiritual change you may experience. This challenge is about your whole life!

The sooner you have this epiphany the easier these small lifestyle adjustments will seem and ultimately the greater the reward will be. Keep up the good work and earn that reward for yourself!

Monday, Jan 20, 2014 1:26 PM


Hey All! As we kick off the second week of this 8-week challenge I wanted to pass on a few words of advice. 

First of all, looking around the gym, watching everyone workout and listening to what everyone is saying about the challenge, it is clear certain small lifestyle changes are making a big impact. Whether it be a diet adjustment, greater water consumption, or purely paying more attention to one's body and how it reacts to daily exercise and care- results are already in the books after the passing of just one week!

health the futureAsk yourself

How great do you feel?

Are you more energized?

Has your post-wod recovery improved? 

Are you respecting your body and is it returning that respect?

[Enter any other question you may be pondering]

Now ask yourself, 'What if I took these small lifestyle changes and applied them to my life infinitely?".

Not just during the eight weeks of the Whole Life Challenge. But carrying on day to day after the challenge has concluded. Is it that unrealistic? Would it not greatly benefit us all in the long run?

I think so. No. I take that back. From experience, I know so. 

We know this challenge is all about learning about ourselves and applying best practices over time to improve longevity. Think about your health and its future. Take this to another level. Think about your own health and how it affects your loved ones and their futures. 

Now, getting back to the present. I want to say how proud I am of everyone who is particpating in this challenge and how excited I am for you all to realize the successes of your own hard work. 

We know this challenge is not about perfection, rather, it is about becoming better. Don't get down on yourself if you falter one day.  Know that you can always be better the next. There will most definitely be 'bad' days for all of us. Keep your head up and keep striving for your goal, knowing that you can and will always improve if that is what you truly desire. 

See you all in class soon!

Sunday, Dec 15, 2013 7:00 PM


liverWe talk a lot about the matters of the heart, but it is the liver that is by far the most versatile and important organ in the body!  Researchers estimate that the liver performs nearly 400 different jobs, functioning as a living filter to cleanse the system of toxins, metabolize proteins, control hormonal balance, and produce immune-boosting factors.

If you have a roll of fat on your waistline, you may have what is commonly called a 'fatty liver.' Your liver has stopped processing fat and begun storing it. Only when you bring your liver back to full function will you lose this fat.

Your liver is a workhorse that can even regenerate its own damaged cells. However, it is not invincible. When it lacks essential nutrients or when it is overwhelmed by toxins, it no longer performs as it should. Hormone imbalances may develop. Fat may accumulate in the liver and just under the skin or in other organs.  Toxins build up and get into your bloodstream. Among the signs of 'toxic liver" are: 

weight gain


abdominal bloating


high blood pressure

elevated cholesterol


mood swings


skin rashes

When your liver is sluggish, every organ in your body is affected, and your weight loss efforts are blocked.  Nothing you do to control your weight is as important as keeping your liver healthy.  This means avoiding many of the damaging elements as possible.





trans fats


inadequate fiber

Avoiding these stressors will help avoid liver overload and allow it to efficiently burn body fat and support your health and weight loss goals. This is an important topic to think about since it's time for holiday parties and gatherings which means lots of temptation for just one more drink and another helping of dessert. But don't allow for any excuses! Take care of your liver so it can take care of you.